As a wedding photographer, I get to experience A LOT of different getting ready rooms.

Over the years I have begun to notice a pattern emerge... Something unexpected is going to happen followed by a frantic "Does anyone have a _______???" Well, here is my list of items to include in any wedding day emergency kit so that your answer to this unforeseen question is a resounding "YES!"

  • EXTRA MAKEUP - this one is usually a no-brainer. You're probably going to want to look extra gorgeous for the most important day of your life, so having lip color, powder, blotting pads, setting spray, eyelash glue, etc on hand for touch-ups is going to be helpful.
  • HAIRSPRAY & BOBBY PINS - keep your beautiful hair-do wind resistant by having hairspray and LOTS of bobby pins on hand.
  • SEWING KIT - easily repair minor rips or loose (or lost!) buttons in a pinch by having a little travel sewing kit on hand. Be sure to include thread that is black, white/ivory, and the color of your bridemaids' dresses.
  • SAFETY PINS - probably the most important item on this list! Safety pins fix almost everything, from loose dress straps & ornery bustles to tablecloths that keep blowing in the wind - I swear the options are endless. Include a variety of sizes to be extra prepared.
  • SUPERGLUE - like safety pins, superglue is essential for when things (literally!) fall apart.
  • BAND-AIDS & FIRST AID ESSENTIALS - small cuts or nicks are never fun, but especially not on a day where everything you're wearing is WHITE! You never know when a scissors-snafu or a rogue boutonnière pin will do its worst, but at least you'll be prepared with all the band-aids. Plus, chances are your shoes are going to be gorgeously uncomfortable, so you're going to want a stash of bandages on hand to ward off those blisters.
  • TIDE TO-GO - this little gem will save you & your wedding party from all the spills and stains that might show up to ruin your photo-ops. For instance, vineyard weddings are breathtaking, but getting a berry squished on the train of your dress before the ceremony is not the look.
  • LINT ROLLERS & STATIC GUARD - highly recommend to keep all dresses & suits in tip-top shape and free from lint, hair, and static electricity.
  • FLOSS - it's so important to make sure you're eating enough on your wedding day. Save yourself from any potentially embarrassing moments by making sure nothing is left in your smile!
  • SCISSORS - this is a MUST! They'll be lots of cutting needing to be done on your wedding day. Tags and hanger straps will be cut off of dresses. Stray threads may need to be removed. Random plastic packages may need to be cut to get at whatever's inside. Who knows! But you're going to need a scissors. Or two.
  • CROCHET HOOK - this little tool can come in handy if you have some extra delicate buttons that need assistance on the back of your dress, especially if you've just gotten your nails done so they're long & beautiful, but slightly less functional. (I've seen it happen!)
  • PORTABLE STEAMER - ideally, you'll want to have all dresses & suits steamed or pressed ahead of time, but be prepared that some feisty wrinkles may still show up on the morning of your wedding day that need to be taken care of.
  • SUNSCREEN - A majority of my weddings haven taken place outdoors. I have seen too many brides look absolutely fabulous at the start of the day and then completely sunburned come reception time. Be smart, be safe, and wear some SPF on your face, shoulders, & arms!
  • PAIN RELIEVER - always a good thing to have in case of any aches due to the heat, not drinking enough water, or your nerves settling in of this very important day.
  • WATER BOTTLE & SNACKS - it's going to be a busy day, so make sure you're taking time to stay hydrated and fueled up!

So, while you hope & pray you don't need to use a single one of these items on your wedding day, following the age-old advice of "better safe than sorry" is definitely key to keeping things as stress-free as possible. I highly recommend creating a wedding day emergency kit with these items (and googling others to include - just in case!) so that you can avoid any stressful scenarios or last minute errands on your wedding day. At the very least, you'll have the peace of mind that you are prepared for it all!